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Holiday Party Season Skin Survival Tips

5 Things To Do & Avoid For Glowing Skin

Surviving Christmas isn’t just about dodging family drama, too many holiday parties, and delicious seasonal eats. It’s about staying YOU amidst all the crazy! If there’s one organ that doesn’t have your back, it’s your skin. It’ll put everything out there for everyone to see: all the stress, indulgent eating, and lack of sleep. So to get you through the next month, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to combat dull, stressed skin for a healthy holiday glow.

Catch quality ZZZs

Getting a good night’s sleep will help you feel rested, happier, and allows your skin to rejuvenate overnight. Speaking of: always, always remove your makeup before bed! Before your head hits that pillow, ensure you’ve removed all traces of makeup. Over time, makeup build-up can cause premature aging, fine lines, acne and collagen breakdown. Allow your skin to breathe each night!

Drink Up!

H2O, that is. Guzzle it, if you have to! About 60% of your body is water, so it makes sense that you need to replenish this vital element to keep your energy levels up, and skin hydrated for optimal functioning.

Avoid Sugar

We’re not saying don’t eat those Christmas cookies. We’re saying be smarter about how you eat them! Eat high quality ingredients, and you’ll curb those sugar cravings that make you want to devour that whole Santa-shaped plate. Sugar spikes your energy levels causing low-lows, and can lead to poor skin.

Whole Body Wellness

We know it can be hard finding five minutes for yourself some days. So if you’ve got them -- use them for good! Journal, take a walk if you can’t get in a full exercise routine, and meditate. Just a few minutes of meditation a day is know to reduce stress, promote emotional health, and enhance self-awareness. We like the sound of that!

Do Something For You: Help Others

Sounds like an oxymoron, no? But it’s true. As medical aestheticians, we have the opportunity to help others. That time spent, the glowing results, and the good feeling in return is paying forward that happy, healthy attitude. And that attitude promotes healthy lifestyle choices; all of which contribute to extending medical aesthetic treatments for long-lasting, beautiful results you can see. Your skin will thank you.

Want to start 2019 living your happiest, healthiest, best life? Contact us today about our courses in medical

aesthetics and start your dream career!

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