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Taking Medical Aesthetics Training on the Road

I wrote a blog back in February letting you know that I’d be taking my particular brand of medical aesthetics training on the road to a city near you this year. Fast-forward two months—is it April already?! And nearly the end of it, at that—and my first experience teaching somewhere other than at my Okanagan-based laserspa academy is already over.

And it was AWESOME.

Penthouse Living—and Learning!—at the Sheraton Guildford

I’ve always prided myself on being a medical aesthetics industry leader. I trained at one of Canada’s leading schools for my field back in the day, and three spas + over thirty years later, I can now offer that same quality of instruction to my own students. Hand-in-hand with the industry’s leading names—Venus Versa and Candela, among them—to ensure my students learn on cutting-edge technology, I conceived a program tailored to those with busy lives and where travel to my Kelowna academy is out of the question. Trust me, I know busy! I can appreciate not wanting to travel to learn a new skill. But, I also believe in investing in your career to become the best at it that you can be.

Which lead me to the spacious luxury of the Penthouse Suite at the Sheraton Guildford, Surrey. Along with my daughter Alexandra, because beauty has long been a family business for us, we had the pleasure of teaching four students for the hands-on practicum portion of my medical aesthetics certification program. It was a lovely group of women who were serious about leveling-up their skill set to become certified medical aestheticians—and I truly believe they’ll do well! We spent a lot of time together throughout the one-on-one training, and got to know each other over a few long lunches together, too! Just another reminder that I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I do; and share it.

I am excited for all of them. One being a nurse that wants to upgrade her skills and eventually open her own clinic to another student that is an insurance agent that wants to expand her wings and open up a clinic in the Lower Mainland.

I wish them all huge success and will be with them every step of the way.

~ Nicola

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