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Online Dermaplaning Course

Online Dermaplaning Course Basics

If you want to offer dermaplaning to your clients, be sure to go online and register for our online dermaplaning course today. You’ll learn everything you need to know about this popular skin treatment that has taken over the industry by storm. Your online dermaplaning course also includes a professional starter kit that includes a surgical blade handle, dermaplaning blades, an antiseptic cleanser, gauze, milk cleanse, prep wash, hydrating gel mask, silk mask, peptide firming serum, and hyaluronic cream.

The course includes online training featuring the theory of sanitization and sterilization, code of ethics, skin and hair biology, and basics of dermatology. You’ll also learn about some skin disorders, how to offer a client consultation, the proper methods of before and aftercare, and a whole lot more. Through audio and visual lessons, you’ll be able to perform dermaplaning safely and effectively, so contact us and register for your online dermaplaning course today!

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