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Certification recognized across Canada


Learn everything you need to know about this amazing skin rejuvenation treatment that has swept the aesthetics industry by storm over the past couple of years! 

The Dermaplaning Course is an Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Treatment to add to your menu.

This course consists of all your theory and fundamentals, Dermatology and Dermaplaning protocol.

Includes a full video on the Dermaplaning Procedure.


In this course you will learn:

Skin Biology

Hair Biology (Understanding Terminal Hair)


Dermaplaning Fundamentals

Dermaplaning Protocol

Dermaplaning Contraindications

Dermaplaning Procedure

Before and Aftercare

Client Consultation


Videos and audios

Dermatology review

Dermaplaning protocol procedure

How to apply a surgical blade

Dermaplaning full procedure



You will receive a

Certification of Completion for Dermaplaning.

(Recognized across Canada).

100% Online (Approx. 12 hours total).

Must be able to do four case studies.

Starter kit included:

Milk Cleanse

Prep Wash

Antiseptic Cleanse

Silk Mask

Hydrating Mask

Firming Serum

HA Cream

#10, #10R, #14 blades 


Dermaplaning Course $695 + GST

Includes starter kit

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