Online Certification

Learn this amazing skin rejuvenation procedure online.

Prerequisites required.

Must already have a background in medical, spa or esthetics. 

The course can be done at your leisure, there is no time restraint.


The course consists of:

PDF of all your theory:

Code of ethics, sanitization, sterilization, bacteriology, skin biology, skin diseases and disorders, Endocrine system, Fitzpatrick skin typing, Dermatology, facial anatomy, client contraindications, client consultations, Collagen induction procedure, through micro-needling



 How to use your pen.

Video on Micro-needling.

Starter kit

Dr.Pen M8

Advanced micro-needling pen designed for medical aestheticians.

(Health Canada Approved)


Numbing Cream

Professional skincare:

milk cleanser

prep wash

antiseptic cleanse

hyaluronic acid serum

Upon understanding the theory,

you will be asked to do an open book exam.

The exam is based on skin, Dermatology, client contraindication and consultations.

Which is all in your theory. (70% passing grade)



You will be asked to do four case studies (models to practice on).

This can also be done at your leisure.

There will also be a one hour zoom training session.

Become certified in Micro-needling!

Canadian Accredited Certification

Cost $1495

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