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Why become a medical aesthetician?

There are so many career options out there these days, as our world and lives have expanded into the digital universe, as well. As someone who has spent over four decades of her life interacting with people daily in a very tangible career with tangible results, it never ceases to amaze me!

I love my job, and with back-to-school upon us, I thought it was time to highlight why. Why? Because maybe, just maybe, becoming a medical aesthetician through accredited academy is the right career for you, too.

What’s the difference between an Esthetician and a Medical Aesthetician?

While we all love going for a good mani-pedi and getting those brows shaped, those all fall under an esthetician’s role. When it comes to medical aestheticians, the processes and results are all beyond skin deep.

The top 4 reasons to become a Medical Aesthetician

A rewarding career Who wouldn’t want to make people look and feel good? This can range from hair removal treatments to laser skin treatments for people who simply want to “shave time” off their routine (literally!) or those with serious conditions that we can help with so they’re looking and feeling their best again.

Treat body hair conditions

Ingrown hairs can cause scarring, shaving can cause rashes, and infection of the hair follicles can cause even bigger problems. Aside from saving time once spent on shaving, hair removal treatments can actually help beyond the vanity card.

Rejuvenate and treat skin conditions

A good skin rejuvenation treatment is unbeatable, one that has special targeting abilities to help with acne, skin congestion, sun damage and even rosacea is even better for long-term, healthy and glowing skin. As an aesthetic laser technician with the proper laser certification, you can do that!

Become your own boss

Imagine offering specialized skin care services on your terms, in your own clinic, to an amazing group of clientele? Setting your own hours, connecting with people, and making a real difference.

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to go to just any medical aesthetician as a client—think: laser usage, skin knowledge, experience—so if you’re considering this as a career, getting the right aesthetics laser training to become a certified laser technician benefits both you and your future clientele! We all want to be treated by a professional, so getting professional training is paramount to your success.

I’ve been offering hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments for over 40 years, and yes, I still love my job! The clients I’ve connected with over the years, along with the students I’ve met at my medical aesthetics training academy since opening the Nicola Finch Laserspa Academy. Teaching has brought me a new appreciation for this profession. If you’re considering a career in Medical Aesthetics, we offer certification through hands-on training in beautiful Kelowna, BC. We’d love to hear from you!

~ Nicola


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