The Beauty of the Season

Setting Intentions For a Peaceful Christmas and Successful New Year With time ticking down to the New Year, I’m taking time to just Be this holiday season, with a capital “B”. It seems like the crazy just gets crazier every year: more to do, people to see, work to accomplish and somewhere in there, time for what’s really important. The people you love -- including yourself. Yes, you. Now is the perfect time to take 20 minutes a day to breathe, evaluate, and plan. “But I don’t have time for that! I could actually DO something in those 20 minutes!” You might be thinking. Just being; that is doing something. Whether it’s closing your eyes to meditate, resting with a good book, or enjoying where

Holiday Party Season Skin Survival Tips

5 Things To Do & Avoid For Glowing Skin Surviving Christmas isn’t just about dodging family drama, too many holiday parties, and delicious seasonal eats. It’s about staying YOU amidst all the crazy! If there’s one organ that doesn’t have your back, it’s your skin. It’ll put everything out there for everyone to see: all the stress, indulgent eating, and lack of sleep. So to get you through the next month, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to combat dull, stressed skin for a healthy holiday glow. Catch quality ZZZs Getting a good night’s sleep will help you feel rested, happier, and allows your skin to rejuvenate overnight. Speaking of: always, always remove your makeup before bed! Before you

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