Medical Aesthetics Certification

Aesthetics is the business of whole-body beauty. Learning the science of beauty to become a Medical Aesthetician opens your career to possibilities that go beyond skin-deep beauty to not only a pampering experience, but one that can have lasting, renewing effects.

Medical Aesthetics Certificate:

Online modular training

(at your leisure, generally one month prior to hands on training) 



Hands on training

Kelowna, BC


Surrey (spring 2020)

 Private one on one training, generally only three to four students in a class.

Certified Medical Aesthetician

How does Medical Aesthetician module training work?

Your training will include:

Sanitization, sterilization

Code of Ethics


Skin Biology

Hair Biology


Fitzpatrick Skin Typing

Laser Physics

Skin diseases and disorders


Client Contraindications

Client Consultations

Laser / IPL Safety

Fractional Safety

Microdermabrasion / Dermal Infusion

Medical Facial / Peels

Radio Frequency Safety for Skin Tightening / Body Contouring / Fractional

Before and after care

Clayton Shagal Medical Grade Skin Care 


 First module

will be sent to you in a PDF format, this will be all your theory on Medical Aesthetics. This studying can be done at your leisure and can start upon registration. Also a Medical Aesthetics Training Manual will be sent to you.

 Second module 

will be reviewing chapters 1-6 of your PDF theory in audio format.

Third module

will be reviewing chapter 7 on Skin Typing. Audio 

Fourth module

will be on chapter 8,  Laser Physics. Audio

Fifth module

Chapter 9 on Consultations. Video and audio on how to offer a proper consultation and be aware of any contraindications.

 Video on Laser Hair Removal Safety.

Sixth module

 Skin Diseases, Disorders and Dermatology. Audio

Seventh module

 IPL Intense Pulse Light for Skin Rejuvenation. Audio and video on IPL Safety.

Eight module

 Microdermabrasion, Dermal Infusion. Video and audio.

Ninth module

 Skin Tightening, Body Contouring and Fractional.

Tenth module

is a recap of all your theory, audio and video, this is generally done over facetime or Skype. By the time you have reached module 10 you will have 100% confidence to go into hands on training. 

Hands on training

using up to 4 different Laser Modalities.

Learn Laser Hair Removal, IPL Intense Pulse Light, Skin Tightening, Body Contouring, Fractional, Microdermabrasion, Dermal Infusion, Medical Facial, peels and more.


Tuition Fee $7995.00

 One on one hands on training in Kelowna and Surrey


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