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Nicola Finch RE,CCE,HRL,CCP

is one of the top leading Canadian instructors in Laser and Medical Aesthetics with over 40 years experience in the profession.

Nicola has been nominated

Canadian Women of Influence of the year, 

two years in a row.


We offer training on many different top manufacturer's lasers and aesthetics machines.

Learn this highly respected profession or advance your skills with a personal one-on-one academy, which will train you for success!

(small classes).

Ongoing support to help you become successful in this amazing profession!


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Courses in
Clinical Skincare
Laser and Medical Aesthetics

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Clinical Skincare Aesthetics

This course covers:

  •     Microdermabrasion

  •     Hydro Facial / Hydroderm

  •     Ultrasonic / High Frequency

  •     Ozone Steam

  •     Micro-needling

  •     LED Light Therapy

  •     Oxygen Facial

  •     Dermaplaning

  •     Chemical Exfoliation​ 

  •     Enzyme / Glycolic

Laser hair removal session with beauty technician and female patient, epilating arm hair,

Laser Aesthetics

This course covers:

  •     Laser Hair Removal

  •     Laser Skin Rejuvenation

  •     Laser Skin Tightening

  •     IPL Intense Pulse Light


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Medical Aesthetician Designation

Clinical Skincare and

Laser Aesthetics Combo

Individual Courses

Upgrade your skills


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Online course


Facial Peel 4.jpg

Facial Peels

Learn how to offer Glycolic / Lactic and Enzyme Peels.

Online course

Includes facial peel system kit.


At a cosmetologist's

Clinical Skin Biology / 

Skin Rejuvenation Fundamentals Course

Certificate of Completion

Online course


Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal


Laser Skin Hair Biology /

Laser Physics Course

Certificate of Completion 

Includes Laser Safety Certification

Online course

We will always be there for you to help you succeed in this amazing profession. 

All courses are designed for a student with a busy lifestyle. Most course work is online at your leisure with hands on training.

Registered Accreditation with CAMACS

Harleen and Kiana

Harleen B & Kiana D

Nicola is so knowledgeable and it was absolutely wonderful learning from her. Nicola has even helped answer my questions after I completed the course. Thank you so much for such a great experience.



Lori D

Thanks so much Nicola for your very valuable and informative training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better and confident to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you for sharing everything you know based on your own experience - SAFETY FIRST! Highly recommended!!! Love you and Trish too.       

New Foundland


Birgit S

Nicola has so much knowledge and experience, you can see she can’t wait to share with her students. I loved the way Alexandra and Nicola made me feel so at ease with the hands on experience, that I felt nervous about. I can’t wait to put all I have learned into play!

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