Perquisites required

Must have a background in either medical, nurse, spa, massage, lash extensions, microblading, waxing etc.

If you do not have a background in any services you will need three days hands on training in Kelowna BC

           Skincare Specialist curriculum

You must be able to have models to practice on.

There will also be live training via Zoom.

Comes with a starter kit

(To be used for your case studies, models to practice on)

Kit includes:

Microdermabrasion machine 

Micro-needling pen

Facial Peel System

Pro Skin care

Upon completion you will receive a Certificate in Skincare Specialist

Canadian Accredited Certification

Cost $4295

Contact us now for more info!

Please let us know what is your background and what services you might offer now.

Thank you

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