Online training

(at your leisure, generally one month prior to hands-on) 

with 3 days hands on training in Kelowna, BC

Private one on one training, maximum of four students at a time.

No prerequisites required.

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Curriculum for Laser Hair Removal Training


The Nicola Finch Laserspa Academy specializes in one-on-one hands on training. Four students max.

Nicola thrives on making sure she gets to know all students on a personal level and support them in this amazing profession.

We have over 35 years of experience in the business and are dedicated to raising the standards of professionalism in the industry through mentorship-based studies. We aren’t just here to teach you -- we’re here to help you get started on your dream career.

Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician consists of online training that is taken at your leisure (at least one month prior) and three days hands-on training. Our hands on training is conducted at our Laser Aesthetics Laserspa in the heart of Kelowna, BC’s cultural district -- you’ll come experience the beautiful Okanagan while you practice your craft -- the majority of coursework is completed online, on your time.​


Come to the beautiful Okanagan and learn this exciting career.




There are no prerequisites required for Laser Hair Removal


However you must have:

  • Clean makeup, shorter nails, great positive personality.

  • Willing to learn.

  • Over 20 years old.

  • In good health.

  • An understanding for hair and skin.




Online Training Theory

Personal Hygiene

Professional Ethics


Histology of the Skin

Disorders of the Skin

Histology of Hair


Fitzpatrick Skin Typing

Laser Light Sources

Laser IPL Physics

Laser/IPL Safety



Laser/IPL Terms




Audio Training
 Introduction to Laser Hair Removal 
Histology of Hair

Fitzpatrick Skin Typing


Laser Hair Removal Safety


Laser Light Physics and Laser Safety


Laser Mediums


Video Training

Video on Laser Hair Removal Safety and Consultation.


Zoom Session


There will be a one hour zoom session provided prior to hands-on for review on all your online training.

We will make sure you feel completely confident and ready.


Hands-On Training

Three days hands-on training in Kelowna BC,

You will learn how to offer laser hair removal on legs, bikini, brazilian, underarms, face, arms and men's back, chest, abs etc.

We will be using class four Medical Grade Lasers.

You will be practicing on models and clients.

We will be going over all sanitization and sterilization procedures and abide by all safety protocols.


Exam + Expectations

You will be asked to do a quiz (80% passing grade).

Come prepared to learn this amazing profession! We will have a lot of fun!

Become a Certified Laser Techni



PAYMENT: Only pay 50% now to get started and 50% - 2 weeks prior to hands-on training.

Next hands-on dates




Please read registration policies.


COURSE COST $3995.00