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Clinical Facial with Dermaplaning was designed for students that have not been trained in any esthetic skin treatments, but offer a service such as:


Lash Lifts

Lash Extensions

Permanent makeup




Nursing (Injectables)

Make up etc.

Other contact us

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This course will go into how to prep the skin for a skin rejuvenation treatment, understand skin types, skin biology, skin diseases and disorders and prepare the skin for Dermaplaning. 


It will show you proper draping, removing makeup, cleansing and prepping the skin, how to apply and remove a mask, hot towels, apply creams with a mild massage, etc.


Clinical Facial with Dermaplaning consists of all the theory, videos on the procedures and audios reviewing contraindications, consultations and skin disorders.


You will learn the full fundamentals of skin, how to prep and treat the skin for skin rejuvenation treatments.


The Clinical Facial portion of the course is designed for the student to understand skin types, Anatomy, PH balance, skin biology, skin diseases and disorders, Dermatology and proper protocol when offering dermaplaning as a skin rejuvenation treatment.

NOTE: It is not a course on a facial.


The course can be done at your leisure, there is no time restraint.


The Curriculum to

Clinical Facial with Dermaplaning

100% Online course


This course comes with a starter kit.

Starter kit includes professional skin care


Surgical Blade Handle

Dermaplaning Blades #10, #14, #10R (20 in total)

Antiseptic Cleanse


Milk Cleanse

Prep Wash

Hydrating Gel Mask

Silk Mask

Clay Mask

Peptide Firming Serum

HA Hyaluronic Cream


You will learn:

Sanitization and sterilization, code of ethics, skin biology, hair biology, Dermatology, Skin Diseases and Disorders, client consultation, client contraindications, before and after care, proper draping, facial anatomy, skin types, PH balance, skin ingredients. Dermaplaning procedure.


Audio Training


Review on theory


Procedures and consultations

Dermaplaning Recap



Video Training

How to remove makeup and prep the skin for a skin rejuvenation treatment.

How to apply and remove a clay mask. (Hot towels)

How to apply and remove a silk mask.

How to apply a moisturizer with a mild massage.

Dermaplaning contraindications and consultation.

How to apply the blade to the handle.

Full Dermaplaning procedure.


There will be quizzes and review throughout the course (80% passing grade).

You will be asked to do four case studies (models to practice on). This can be done at your leisure.

Access support to our clinical educator during the course and after your completion.

Contact us anytime! We are here for your support.


Once you have finished, we also offer a 30 minute zoom session or conference call (if needed). You can always set up a model for our clinical educator to watch.


Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion in Clinical Facial with Dermaplaning.

Please read the registration polices.


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