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Clinical Facial is a great course to get you started in this amazing profession!

Clinical Facial was designed for students that have no prerequisites and would like to offer Dermaplaning skin rejuvenation treatment.

This course consists of all the theory you will need to understand skin and how to offer clinical facials and Dermaplaning

This clinical facial course is designed for the student to understand skin, how to prep the skin for Dermaplaning and how to properly apply treatment masks, serums and creams.

The course can be done at your leisure, there is no time restraint.


Starter kit includes:

Surgical Blade Handle

 Dermaplaning blades 




Antiseptic cleanse


Pro skincare:

milk cleanse

prep wash

hydrating gel mask

silk mask

peptide firming serum

HA hyaluronic cream

PDF on Theory:

 Sanitization and Sterilization

Code of Ethics

Skin Biology


Skin Diseases and Disorders

 Client consultation

 Client contraindications

Before and after care

 Proper draping

 Procedure in clinical facial

Facial Anatomy

PH balance

Skin ingredients



Clinical Facial

How to apply the blade to the handle

Dermaplaning procedure




Reviewing on theory, dermatology, procedure & consultation



Upon understanding the theory,

you will be asked to do an open book exam. (70% passing grade)

The exam is based on skin, Dermatology, client contraindication and consultations.

Which is all in your theory.



You will be asked to do four case studies (models to practice on).

This can also be done at your leisure.



Once you have finished, we also offer a 30 minute facetime session

(if needed).


Upon completion you will receive a Certificate in

Clinical Facial with Dermaplaning.

Canadian Accredited Certification


Cost $895.00


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