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Advanced Clinical Skincare Program

The Certified Advanced Clinical Facialist Program consists of online training (taken at your leisure) with hands on training.

The Hands on Training:

Will be at our Laserspa Academy in the heart of Kelowna, BC’s cultural district downtown in the beautiful Okanagan.

The Online Training: 

Will consist of all your theory, audios, videos on skin rejuvenation treatments, skin fundamentals, diseases, disorders, dermatology and skin care consultations.

There will also be a one hour zoom session (one week prior) to review your theory and treatment protocol and prepare you for the hands on training.

The online training can be done at your leisure. (10-12 hours)

Upon registration you will have access to the onine portion of the program. (Early registration may be required to secure your hands on dates).


In this program you will learn:


Facial Peels


Microderm / Hydro Facial

Dermaplaning Facial​​

LED Light Therapy


High Frequency 

Hydrojelly Facials

Ozone Steam

Ice Globes


​You will learn how to remove make up and prep the skin for skin rejuvenation treatments. You will learn how to apply masks, creams, and serums. We will be teaching a facial massage technique when applying creams and serums.


NOTE: This course does not offer training in Laser Hair Removal, Laser Technician or Medical Aesthetics. (Laser, IPL Intense Pulse Light, RF Radio Frequency). If you are planning to offer medical aesthetics treatments using one of these laser devices, it is recommended that you take the medical aesthetics program (which also includes a safety certificate for Lasers / IPL / RF).

If you already offer one or more of the services in this program, then you may check out our separate courses such as dermaplaning facial or micro-needling.

(No discount is available as this course is a program).

Any questions: contact us.

There are no prerequisites required for the advanced clinical skincare course.

However, you must have:

  • A love for skin.

  • Have had some esthetic services and or offer some services in the field.

  • In good health.

  • Twenty years or older and have experience working with public.

  • Clean makeup, nice nails, great positive personality.

NOTE: If you are looking for job placement, most medical aesthetics clinics (Medi spa's) will be looking for medical aestheticians.

This course is designed for students expanding their business or looking to open up a small business of your own.

For more info or questions on the course: contact us.


Private one on one training, maximum of six students at a time.


Online Training

Taken at your leisure (approx. 10-12 hours)

Personal Hygiene

Professional Ethics


Histology of the Skin

Disorders of the Skin

Histology of Hair

Fitzpatrick Skin Typing


Fitzpatrick Skin Typing

​Skin Diseases and Disorders


Facial Anatomy

 Skin Types

 PH Balance

 Skin Ingredients

Clinical Terms

Client Consultation

Client Contraindications

Before and after care

Proper draping

Protocol on:

HydroDerm (Hydro Facial)



Facial Peels


Hydro Jelly Mask Treatments

LED Light Therapy


High Frequency



Audio & Video Training:


Understanding skin


Skin Rejuvenation Consultation


Dermal Infusion procedure

Glycolic peel procedure

Enzyme peel procedure


Esthemax Hydrojelly Facial

LED Light therapy

Hands-on Training

25 hours- hands-on training (three days) to perfect your technique.

You will have hands on training with clinical facial, dermaplaning facial, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, hydroderm, peels, hydrojelly facials, LED light therapy, high frequency and ultrasonic.


You will be practicing on models and come prepared to practice on each other.


We will be going over all sanitization and sterilization procedures and abide by all safety protocols.




BONUS: You will also receive professional medical grade skin care, facial peel systems and dermaplaning supplies to get you started. 

Upon Canadian Certification you will have access to wholesale advanced skin care and Esthemax Hydrojelly masks. 

Plus, we can also help you with where to purchase a microdermabrasion machine and or hydroderm machine, 02Derm Oxygen machine, ultrasonic, LED and high frequency machines.


Exam + Expectations

Exam (80% passing grade)

We will be reviewing the exam throughout the training.

We will be offering a one hour zoom session prior to hands on training to review your theory and what to expect when you come in for hands on training and what will be on the exam. 

The exam will be when you come in for hands on training and there is also a practice exam in your online portion.

We strive to make sure that you feel 100% confident when you come in for hands on training.

Come prepared to learn and have a lot of fun!

The Nicola Finch Laserspa Academy specializes in one-on-one hands-on training.

Six students max.​​ Nicola thrives on making sure she gets to know all the students on a personal level and support them in this amazing profession.

Please read registration policies.

Early registration is required to reserve your hands on dates.

Check out our hands on dates.

Advanced Clinical Skincare Program​

Course cost $3995.00



 50% id due upon registration which get you started with the online portion and 50% - 2 weeks prior to hands-on training.

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